The Landlord Diaries

Contrary to what most tenants believe, landlords do not like evicting tenants due to non-payments. There is nothing in it for them but trouble. If you think it is inconvenient for evicted tenants, multiply that by two or three times then you’ll see how bad it is for landlords.

See, landlords get nothing, money-wise, when they evict someone. They can sue and threaten and harass all they want but if a tenant has not a single penny or is unwilling to give anything, the landlords get nothing.

Let 5-star Realty remind you: Eviction is a last resort. That’s one thing both parties – tenants and landlords – should understand. A landlord can only hold out so much for a non-paying tenant, especially if there is an offer on the room/unit in question. While the landlords can do a charity run for a while, the tenant must understand the landlord’s opportunity cost and that no matter how big of buddies they’ve become with the landlord, the latter is still running a business and money must roll.

Of course, not every landlord is as patient as yours truly. Try paying late to Bankside Lofts and you’ll see. 😉

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Different Levels on Dealing with Non Payments

As I’ve mentioned earlier, eviction should be the last resort. Morally, and I believe so legally on so many countries around the world, the first month of delay is not reason enough to serve up an eviction notice. So whether or not you’re fretting about getting evicted from your posh One KL, KLCC condo– remember, there is enough time for you to plan your strategy.

First billing notice. This is the usual notice landlords serve a week or a few days before the billing due date. It serves to remind the tenant/s of the upcoming due date. They could be living in the same apartment for ages but they would need help getting notified still. (In truth, this is not solely about reminding them; it’s about not being accused of “not reminding them” if they intentionally forgot about the due date).

Notice of payment delay. This should come with the billing notice for the second month since the first non-payment. The billing invoice for this month should contain the amount from last month’s, and this should contain a message that reminds the tenant of his/her failure to pay up for the last month and that it is reflected in the current invoice.

Eviction of warning. This comes with a deadline. When it is served depends on what the contract states about the eviction. Usually, eviction is served at the third consecutive month of non-payment so on the week that invoices are served, these eviction warnings are attached to the invoices of all three months of non-payment.

Eviction notice. All means have been tried. Patience runs dry. This is when the final eviction notice needs to be served. The eviction notice should come with a notarized letter from the landlord’s attorney that states which part of the lease contract was violated. It should also state clearly WHEN the tenant is expected out of the leased unit and all other contract- and legal requirements related to the eviction.

Eviction for non-payment is never fun or easy. It often becomes too emotional for either party, yes including the seemingly heartless landlord.