Ramlee’s Ramblings

I was flipping over the personals and classifieds last weekend just for the fun of it and stumbled upon this ad: “You Make Your Own Destiny! Live in Luxury! Together You and I can Make it Happen!” It had one of those things that had those “I-was-featured here” so it was worth the effort to read more about his ad.

Turns out that he’s a real estate agent who’s advertising a posh condominium in KLCC. I have to give it to this man for spreading the word out in an interesting and catchy way. If I get too bored with what I’m doing I’d probably copy him and put out an ad for myself, so I can shortlist all the achievements I’ve done and state reasons why I am a good real estate agent just for the fun of it. Ha ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway business is doing good. No word from the Florida office, though the last thing I’ve heard is that they’re brewing up something that will wreak havoc(in a good way) in the Ocala Beach district, so here’s to hoping they get to close lots ofย  deals(like what we are doing here in sunny Kuala Lumpur. Haha.)

More ramblings, soon.

— Ramlee ๐Ÿ™‚