Using Tha Innerwebz To Sell Real Estate…

These days, if you’re not on the internet, you don’t exist. Everyone and everything is on the internet. You can book a flight, you can buy your clothes, heck – you can even do your grocery shopping on your smartphone!

Practically, everyone and everything is on the internet – including selling your real estate.

See, listings are more effective these days when they have an online counterpart. Real estate brokerage firms have resorted to putting up their own websites and hire professional online marketers to manage their listings. With just a click of a button, or a swipe on the tablet or smartphone, they can book and meet clients and even show an interactive map of the actual homes they are saying.

This makes it less advantageous for homes sold FSBO. With the resources and online infrastructures that the brokers have and the regular homeowners don’t, broker firms’ listings and houses on sale are far easier to access and find online.

But with a little education on what’s in and out on the internet, and how to successfully use the internet for real estate marketing, any FSBO-home can go at par with homes sold by the pros. Here are some helpful tips:

Provide good photos and descriptions.

What draws the buyers to your house are what they see on your online ad aka the pictures of that poshcondominium unit and the description. Make sure your photos are clear and not blurry. Stage your house for the pictorial – draw inspiration from homemaking magazines. If you cannot afford a pro photographer or at least some knowledge of Photoshop, at least make sure you’re using a good camera and there is an ample source of natural lighting. As for the description, make it as accurate as possible, without any of the exaggerated ‘flowery’ words. Remember, anything that seems too good to be true is deemed fake in the online world.

Some good examples:-

Sign up for a paid listing.

For a few bucks a month, you can already get a good online exposure. Go for several real estate ad websites for sign ups; the few bucks on two or three sites will still be so much less than the real estate agent’s commission so it will be well worth it.

Go to Craigslist and other free ad sites.

No matter what they say about Craigslist, tons and tons of home buyers still look to the website for their real estate needs. So it’s well worth the try – plus it’s free! Also don’t forget the tons of other free website ads (similar to Craigslist) when posting an online ad. Just remember to post your ad in the right location and with the correct information, especially if you are planning on selling a small house. Also, on these sites, avoid putting your personal information on the ad itself but encourage potential buyer (or renter) to leave a private message with his/her personal information that you can contact. This will save you from phishing scams and phone scams.

Lastly, use the social media.

Use your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for ads. Use hashtags and join groups to post your ads too. This will help you reach out to more people without the extra cost.

The internet is one of the most innovative, most useful tool around especially for real estate marketing. Use it to your maximum advantage but don’t forget to practice safe usage.