Size Does Matter

Selling a small house for a good price can be quite a challenge. After all, this is the age of the great square footage. The bigger the house, the better and easier it sells. Most home buyers of today are actually all about trying to make the most of their hard earned money for their house purchase. I guess it’s also a fantasy thing. Most people grew up watching television soap operas with glamorous, huge houses. But then again, a challenge is not impossibility.

So here are some tips on how to make your teeny tiny home sell just as easily as big houses:

Find your market.

Small homes hardly ever sell to growing families. They need something that can grow with them. Small homes are better off for retirees who could not manage big houses, singles, and even couples who are not looking to have kids soon. These are the people who are likely to take interest in your small home because they are the people who are in need of a small home to fit their lifestyles. SO advertise and market your home with them in mind. Oh, and bargaining also matters. Make sure you know how to do it with the specific market.

Stage properly.

Staging is everything, more often than not. From the photos on the listings to the actual visit to your property, what they see will matter a lot in their decision to take your home or not. So make use of popular design tricks to make your home look bigger! Rearrange furniture and move stuff around to create a sense of more space. Open the windows too – natural light makes the room look more spacious too. And finally, declutter your home. Clutter makes your already small house even smaller. With so much clutter, your potential buyers will think that there is hardly room enough in your home and instead look for a much, much bigger house. So keep your house clutter-free.
Focus on the benefits of a smaller home.

When trying to sell your home, the buyer will always look for what gives your house an edge over the other houses in the neighborhood, or other homes they have checked out so far. Since size is clearly not an advantage for your home, focus on the other things. Smaller homes have generally smaller electric consumption, since there is less space to heat/cool. There is little to maintain as well. Your buyer should see these things and not focus entirely on the size.
Make your house move-in ready.

Most, if not all, home buyers today look for homes that are ready to move into. Your house would sell quite faster than a house twice its size if the homebuyer can move into your house sooner. Quite frankly, looking for houses can only be fun in the first few houses. The rest is taxing and moving into the new space as quickly as possible is a relief. So fix everything that needs to be fixed and you, the homeowners, be move-out ready as well.

It takes a bit more effort to sell a smaller home. Do your homework well and take the necessary ‘extra’ steps to get it done. Also, the fact that the condominium properties are selling like hotcakes (just take a look at the Binjai Residency, KLCC!), it makes it hard to compete when you are selling a small house. Good luck!