FSBO Tips: How to Sell Your Home Like a Pro

For Sale by Owner (FSBO) is the best option you have if you are looking to keep all the earnings from your home sale. It is also a great idea if you’re quite a control freak and you want to be precise about how you want your home sale to go. It can also be a great way to kick start your venture into the world of real estate investment. So, are you ready to sell like a pro? Also visit my last blog post for more tips. Then, carry on…

Whatever your reasons are, FSBO selling is rewarding at best and frustrating at worst. So to keep things at its best, you have to assume an inner pro even when it’s just your very first time. So I’ve rounded up some tips on how to sell your house  like a pro, in deed and in fact (aka in earnings):

  • Stage, stage, stage perfectly! This is something that a lot of plain home owners take for granted. Unless your house is naturally picture-perfect, you can’t put it out on the market au naturel. Potential home buyers wouldn’t appreciate seeing your mountain of laundry in the bedroom, or your heaping ashtray from last night’s chain smoking episode. Stage your house the way you’d want to see it as a home buyer – beautiful, neat, and neutral, where they can imagine themselves living in it. Bring out your inner Martha Stewart, I say! Flaunt that 8 Conlay or Soho Suites (KLCC) unit like a true pro!
  • Have an open house. A lot of real estate gurus don’t really advice on having an open house because it is unnecessary for you, doesn’t really bring in significant potential buyers, and is actually used by some realtors to hand out their cards and advance their own careers. But in your case, by all means, do it. You’ll benefit from it a whole lot!
  • Advertise like a pro. The odds aren’t exactly favorable to you if you see that you are in competition with professional realtors even when the selling quality of your house is pretty much equal. So advertise like a pro, go on the papers, go on the internet, and make your ‘House on Sale’ sign visible and attractive! Make use of all the free avenues for advertising that you can find and don’t ever forget about investing in awesome photos and even better descriptions.
  • Talk like a pro. When it comes to talking to your clients, they have to know that you know what you are talking about. Talk confidently – and the best (and I think is the only) way to achieve that level of confidence is to have thorough knowledge of what you’re trying to market and a knowledge of your market as well. You don’t have to talk MBA here, but talk like you know what it’s all about. And because you are selling something of your own, use your personal knowledge of the house to entice your prospective guests about it.
  • Be patient. This is what will take you further than your sweet sales talk ever can. Patience will help you get through the waiting time, the house visits that will turn out futile, and the comments against the house that you will inevitably have to face.

Special thanks to Serena May, Parveen Kaur Sidhu, Mohd Safian Musa and Roger Kee Mun Chye for extra inputs.