Bangin’ the Big Bucks

Hello, it’s Ramlee here, filling in as usual.

This is meant to be a humblebrag of some sort(mostly a brag, but just saying) but our office in Malaysia recently scored the biggest sale of the year(so far) through a bigtime Singaporean mogul who bought not one, not three, but FOUR units in Mont Kiara’s luxury condominium Sunway Vivaldi last week.

Phew. I get too excited sometimes and I run out of words to say. But here’s me trying– now is truly the best time to invest on property in Malaysia!!

Developers Sunway D’Mont Kiara listed the Vivaldi as one of its most prestigious projects to date, and having the opportunity to sell 4 units is enough to make this adult kiss the ground and thank the universe for such a magnificent achievement. The condominium, being located in Mont Kiara, is simply a symbol of class and luxury. And I happen to have sold 4 units in one go. Self-five!

So. If you want to learn how I did it… okay, I won’t seriously advertise myself in here, but for more tips on how to become a successful real estate agent like yours truly(ahem), click here for a helpful article written by John.

Crossing my fingers for more good news like this again soon.


Ramlee 😀